Broken Car Keys

Broken car keys are a rare occurrence nowadays but can happen.  Stressed metal or badly worn out car keys can snap or no longer work in the car door or ignition. At Auto Price Locksmiths our car locksmiths have the training and technology to perform a broken car key repair. We can duplicate a replacement vehicle key for nearly any vehicle.  Whether you need a replacement key for a Ford or replacement key for a VW (Volkswagen) we can cut a new car key by your vehicle while you wait.

Worn Out Car Keys

Car keys after use for many years start to show signs of wear and tear. Worn car keys start to lose their sharp peaks and grooves, making the key difficult to use in the ignition and door locks. Worn out keys tend to not work all the time, causing the driver to sometimes use force, which in turn may cause the key to snap. If you ever find the key not always turning, it maybe a good idea to replace it before any damage is done to your ignition barrel or door locks. To replace a car key by simply copying a worn out key is not always an option. Auto Price Locksmiths can replace your worn car key with car locksmith technology available to them.

Snapped Car Keys

Snapped Car Keys - Replaced by Car key locksmithIn the event of a snapped car key we can still duplicate a new car key from the pieces of broken key.  Years of use can make the key weak, causing the key to snap and remain in either the ignition or car door.  If your key has snapped in the ignition or car door our auto locksmiths can remove the snapped key from the lock and replace your key. If your car contains an immobiliser we can replace the transponder chip from your snapped key into your new replacement car key.

Car keys stuck in the ignition or car door

Damaged door locks and ignition barrels can cause car keys to get stuck or jammed.  Car keys may refuse to go in, or worse, refuse to come out.  If you find yourself in a situation where you car key is stuck or jammed do not use force as this may break the lock or key. Call 07980 094 0469 to speak to Auto Price Locksmiths and explain you have a stuck car key. We can arrange for an auto locksmith to attend your vehicle and use techniques to remove your stuck key.  Whenever a key refuses to work in a door lock, or in the ignition, the blame may not solely be on the car key.  You may find your door lock is faulty, or the car ignition barrel has collapsed, stopping the key from withdrawing.  Auto Price Locksmiths can replace and repair car door locks and ignition barrels.

If you are wondering how to fix broken car keys or how to get a new car key, it’s simple. Call Auto Price Locksmiths on 07980 094 995 and speak to one of our skilled auto locksmiths.  We could have an auto locksmith by your vehicle the same day.  All our auto locksmiths are mobile with all the technology they need for cutting a new vehicle key, with a price cheaper than the Main Dealer. The broken car key repair service is available in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire and West Midlands. We can repair or replace a car key and programme a new transponder while you wait.

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