Lost Car Keys and Have no Spare Lost Car Keys

Have you ever lost your car keys, can’t find your replacement car keys or don’t have any spare car keys? Yes, you are not alone, “I’ve lost my car keys” is very often heard by the staff at Auto Price Locksmiths who are trained and qualified to offer advice and support when you lose a car key.

If you ever find yourself facing a situation where you have lost car keys or have had your car keys stolen we can help.  Auto Price Locksmiths are one of the leading auto locksmiths in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands.  One call can have a mobile auto locksmith engineer by your car the same day to replace lost car keys, transponders and key fobs.

Lost car keys what do I do?

If you have lost your cars keys, and have no spare, just simply call Auto Price Locksmiths on 07980 094 995  Our auto locksmiths will require the following information to give you the best quote to replace your lost car key.

Spare car keys for all makes including BMW and MiniMake
Post code

Once you are happy with our quote we will arrange a time for one of auto locksmiths to attend your vehicle and replace your lost car keys.

Why use Auto Price Locksmiths to replace lost car keys?

We can replace car keys for nearly any make and model of vehicle, whether you need to replace a Honda key, VW key, Audi key or BMW car key, our mobile auto locksmiths have the latest technology at their disposal to replace lost car keys and programme transponders without the need to have your car towed to a Main Dealer.

Our automotive locksmith service is mobile, which enables our auto locksmiths to work wherever you are.  Our auto locksmiths can be called out to your home, workplace or roadside to offer our assistance fast.

Why not go to the Main Dealer for replacement keys?

Lost car keys replaced cheaper and faster than Main dealerMain dealers would always ask you to bring the car to them which requires either organising recovery of the vehicle which is never cheap, or getting towed. In many cases you may have to wait several weeks for your replacement keys to arrive from overseas, or have to wait several days for them to re-programme a new set of keys for your vehicle.  One of the biggest disadvantages is the price you will be asked to pay for replacement car keys.  Our replacement car keys are priced much lower and you would not normally have to wait several days.

Stolen car keys replaced

Stolen Car Keys

If you are ever unlucky enough to have your car keys stolen from home, work, or when you are out and about, we understand the importance of getting you access to your vehicle fast. Whenever there is a stolen car key incident, the first things to do is inform the police in order to file a stolen car key report.  Once you have spoken to the police, inform your Insurance Company. You may find your Insurance Company offers a key replacement service as a part of your policy.

Do I have to Change Car Locks?

Car theft preventative technology today is very sophisticated to stop car theft, but prevention becomes difficult if your car keys have been stolen and your car is out in the open.  Technology today enables us to replace misplaced or stolen car keys without having to change the car locks.  Our auto locksmiths can re programme a new set of keys so you don’t have to change your locks.  This will render your stolen car keys useless.

Spare Car Keys

It is always good practise to have spare car keys for your vehicle. There are many reasons why you may find you don’t have a spare key. You may have purchased a used car with only one key or cannot find your spare key.  Whatever the reason, rest assured Auto Price Locksmiths can re-programme and cut a new set of car keys for almost any car from Ford to Ferrari.

Contact Auto Price Locksmiths on 07980 094 995 to arrange replacement car keys for your vehicle.

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