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Broken Car Keys

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Broken car keys are a rare occurrence nowadays, but can happen.  Stressed metal or badly worn-out car keys can snap or no longer work in the car door or ignition. At Auto Price Locksmiths, our car locksmiths have the training and technology to perform a broken car key repair. We can duplicate a Car Key Replacement for nearly any vehicle.  Whether you need a new car key for a Ford or a replacement key for a VW (Volkswagen) we can cut a new car key by your vehicle while you wait.

My Car Key Has Broken

My car key has broken is often a complaint we hear from clients. There are various reasons why car keys break, from distressed metal to dirt and debris in the ignition cylinder. A more distressing scenario is when the car key is snapped in the ignition or in the lock of the car door. Do not be stressed if you find yourself in any of these scenarios. Our mobile car locksmiths are well-trained and highly experienced in providing a solution for broken car keys. Call Autoprice Locksmiths Ltd on 07931 282 378 and let’s get your broken car key replaced today.

We offer a range of car locksmith services from car lock outs and entry, fob replacements to replacements car keys for the following makes and many more… 

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