Car Lockouts and Vehicle Entry

Have you ever locked your keys in the car or the automatic car locking system has locked the car with the keys still in the ignition? Our auto locksmiths are always hearing customers saying “I am locked out of my car” or “I have locked my keys in the car”. If you are close to a spare car key then you can easily unlock your car and retrieve your car keys. If, like so many you are away from home and have locked yourself out of the car, you have a few choices.

Car lockout wire hanger methodWire Hanger Method

This method has been used for years to try and open locked cars by hooking onto the door latch or door lock. We strongly discourage this method as self injury, car body and paint damage can be caused when trying to retrieve keys locked in the car. This method can get expensive with repairs to doors, especially if you own a Mercedes, BMW or a Porsche with airbags in the door.

Car lockout - smash car glass to gain access to locked car keysBreaking Door Glass

As a last resort many will attempt to break the door glass to obtain vehicle entry. This method can be very expensive when replacing door glass and could cause injury from breaking glass, especially if there is an animal or small child inside. If you have smashed the car glass to gain vehicle entry please contact Auto Price Windscreens who offer cheap replacement car glass

Lock Picking

Car lockouts - Screw Driver lock pickWe have come across many incidents where customers have tried to pick the lock to gain entry. Various implements are used including screwdrivers, nails and other sharp implements.  This method not only has a low success rate but also may result in damaging the lock in the door.

Call Auto Price Locksmiths

The best and most cost effective option is to call Auto Price Locksmiths to unlock your car. Our auto locksmiths use non destructive and approved methods to gain access to your vehicle and retrieve the car key locked in your car.  Call 07980 094 995 to arrange for an auto locksmith to gain entry into your locked vehicle. We can gain access in almost any make and model of vehicle, and get you on your way quickly.  Our car unlock service is offered throughout Staffordshire, West Midlands, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Car lockouts in Cheshire. Our auto locksmiths can be by your vehicle the same day.

Car Lockout service cheaper and faster than main dealer

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